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Our history

Carabao Bremen is a family business in the eastern suburbs that was founded in 2004. We are proud to be teaching Muay Thai in the third generation. Initially we focused exclusively on Muay Thai in Bremer Neustadt.

Our connection to authentic Muay Thai dates back to the 80s when our master Klaus Prompan began studying Muay Thai in Thailand. In 1991 he opened his first gym and Christian and Nicole, the founders of Carabao, began their Muay Thai training. In 2004 they founded Carabao. Today we are all reunited as we have come together again in 2022 under the banner of Carabao Bremen. What is particularly pleasing is that our children now also work full-time in our company. Our daughter works with us part-time and spends a large part of the year as a professional fighter in Thailand.

All of our Muay Thai and MMA trainers are trained in-house and receive additional training from various trainers of their own choosing. At this point we send warm greetings to KRU PIK, Sangtienoi Gym, Porpromin Gym, Sitjaopho Gym and the 10th Planet Gym in Berlin.

In the course of our development and in the course of an expansion into our current premises, the innovative idea arose to also offer Fitness Muay Thai. Fitness Muay Thai is Thai boxing training without a partner and without the risk of injury. At that time, aerobics-like courses such as Thaibo or Body Combat dominated, in which the movement sequences were strictly subject to a rhythm. However, since we are not a conventional gym facility but a school, we attach particular importance to the learning effect in Muay Thai. For this reason, we consciously decided against such timing requirements.

Regular training in Fitness Muay Thai teaches the ability to use punching and kicking techniques powerfully and precisely without risking injury. Those who follow our training not only acquire physical fitness, but also the knowledge of how to apply techniques effectively while keeping their own safety in mind.

We have also been offering MMA and submission grappling since 2007. After initially having various trainers teach in our gym, we came to the conclusion that only a trainer with a background in Muay Thai could meaningfully teach MMA in our gym. Since then, Lukas Menzel has led MMA training as head coach with his team of trainers, combining elements of Muay Thai with the classic components of MMA, such as wrestling and submission grappling.

Classic boxing is now also an integral part of our gym. Klaus Dieter Feldmann is a boxing veteran with 300 amateur fights and 40 years of coaching experience. He was one of our great coaching role models 25 years ago and continues to be so. We were able to win him over a few years ago and are very happy to have him as head coach on our team. He and his team of trainers put in their best to provide top-notch training.

All in all, decades of experience have made us what we are and know today. And we are happy if you are satisfied with our work.

our philosophy

In a life as a martial artist, philosophical views develop as if by themselves - in combat you not only face your opponent, but also your own conflicts and fears. In addition, the tasks as a trainer and the relationship with the students involve examining one's own values. We consciously view this process as part of our coaching activities and pass these experiences on to our students.

In summary, the focus of our philosophy is simply to treat our fellow human beings well. We would like to learn and practice together with you how this works best.

Our team

Our trainers are trained in various martial arts and fitness disciplines and can offer you training that best suits your interests and abilities.

We are a family sports studio and look forward to welcoming all adults and children!

Head Coach | Muay Thai
Coach | Muay Thai + Submission Grappling + MMA
Trainer + kids trainer | Muay Thai
Trainer + kids trainer | Muay Thai
Head Coach | Muay Thai + Functional Strength Training
Coach | Muay Thai + Submission Grappling + MMA
Trainer | Muay Thai
Coach | Boxing
Klaus Dieter
Coach | Boxing
Trainer + kids trainer | Muay Thai
Coach | Muay Thai
Kids trainer | Muay Thai
Coach | Muay Boran + Tai Chi + Muay Thai
Trainer + kids trainer | Muay Thai
Coach | Functional strength training
Trainer | Boxing